Rob Allen’s Bio

Robert Allen has over 25 years of professional experience in the areas of lean, six sigma , project management, systems engineering and supply chain.

Rob was a key contributor to several deployments of lean sigma and project management organizations, most notably with Honeywell and Tyco Electronics.

Included in Rob’s experience are multiple certifications and over 15 years of practice in the development, teaching, execution and leadership of lean, six sigma, DFSS and product development methodologies. He also became a certified project manager in 2004 and has developed and instructed project management training curriculum.

Industries in which Rob has achieved success includes aerospace, medical devices, consumer electronics, small enterprise manufacturing, healthcare and financial services.

Working at all levels of complexity, across various industries and processes; Rob helps businesses quickly identify priorities and techniques for rapid problem solving and transformation to future states.  An experienced team leader/facilitator, he applies creative application and integration of virtually problem solving tool or project management methodology.

Born in Connecticut and educated at University of Rhode Island, Rob received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. In the
mid-1990s, he was an early adopter of lean six sigma, DFSS and systems engineering techniques and has been expanding his expertise in a range
of industries and disciplines since then.