The diversity of my experience has given me an extensive interpersonal and technical toolset. I have been effective at the highest level strategy to the lowest level of implementation detail. See my Portfolio page for examples of project results.

Project Management / PMO
  • Certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) in 2004 and follow generally accepted standards for project management best practices per
  • Developed project management training curriculum and case study which taught project management fundamentals in a simplified thought process.
  • Led a project management organization (PMO) which applied project planning best practices to over 120 projects, including project P&L statements, resource management and project portfolio management.
Lean Six Sigma / Kaizen
  • Certified as a Lean Sigma Black Belt in 1998 and became a Master Black Belt in 2007.
  • Led over 20 green belt and black belt teams through the DMAIC thought process using various lean sigma tools and Minitab software.
  • Perfected the Kaizen improvement methodology through detailed preparation checklists and event timeline standard work.
  • Led over 18 administrative and manufacturing process improvement kaizen events.
Lean Product Development
  • Led complete deployments of Lean Product Development based on PRTM’s “Product And Cycle-time Excellence” (PACE) framework.
  • Project management office (PMO) leader responsible for day-to-day execution of ‘doing the right projects’ and ‘doing projects right’.
  • Enabled sound business decisions to be made on an extensive portfolio of projects by applying  project financial and resource management analysis.
Information Technology
  • Developed IT requirements by clarifying information flow and determining “to-be” processes needed to meet customer needs.
  • Designed a lean user interface for remote data collection via tablet PC.
Supply Chain
  • Follow generally accepted standards for supply chain best practices per the APICS supply chain council
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Developed and applied Key Performance Indicators to establish a baseline and improve overall business process performance.
Design for Lean Six Sigma (DFLSS, DFx, DTC)
  • Key contributor to a major DFLSS deployment, responsible for developing DFLSS curriculum, and state-of-the-art design quality scoring tool.
  • Core team MBB who trained over 1700 engineers across a large aerospace company, including DFLSS for hardware and software.
  • Certified as a DFLSS Blackbelt in 2004 including mentoring over 5 DFLSS teams through certification.
Requirements Management / Systems Engineering
  • Early adopter of systems engineering fundamentals for ensuring robust requirements for complex systems.
  • Developed requirements definition and management training curriculum for DFLSS and as a stand-alone module.
  • Developed and applied requirements management processes and databases such as IBM’s Rational DOORS.
Continuous Improvement Operating Systems
  • Developed continuous improvement assessments for evaluation of business process performance and operational excellence.
  • Applied comprehensive improvement programs designed to achieve world-class performance across multiple sites.
Training Development and Facilitation
  • Performed more than 710 hours of DMAIC and DFSS classroom instruction for over 500 students using participant-centered adult learning techniques.
  • Facilitated over 18 kaizens for collaborative problem solving and solution implementation.
Mentoring and Coaching
  • Mentored and coached several green belts, black belts and lean sigma team members from various levels of the organization.